Why can one smoke cannabis or weed?:  

Smoking marijuana or cannabis (commonly known as weed) is an ancient practice of inhaling smoke from pipes, pots, or bongs. This is an age-old herbal smoking technique which has been practiced for a very long time across the world. Both the leaves and the flowers of the cannabis plant are used in the whole puffing process.

They are burned to release their vapors or smoke to inhale through mouth Marijuana or weed smoking is unlike tobacco smoking since the burning of the marijuana plant is unlike burning nicotine or tobacco.

One of the most important differences between weed and tobacco is that weed does not contain any nicotine. The impact of tobacco is much worse compared to effects of marijuana.

We are all aware of the bad health effects of tobacco on the lungs and body. Not only it has a high risk of lung cancer but is also related to chronic heart diseases and stroke. Multiple researchers and data point to the fact that smoking weed is much safer for lungs and health compared to tobacco. 

If one has to smoke then it is preferrable to smoke weed or marijuana rather than tobacco, since the impact of tobacco is much more harmful to the body compared to weed.

Why is smoking better than edibles and oils?  

Smoking these herbs has been the age-old practice performed by many people worldwide. The smoking process or smoking medium can be anything. Few people use bongs, preferably a glass water bong.

Few like to smoke it in earthen pots or pipes. Many like it smoking though joint paper rolls or sometimes even with cigarette rolls. The overall effect lingers for 3-4 hours approximately. The impact through smoke is transfer of vapors through lungs into your blood stream.

Since the transfer is a slow process, the effect of cannabis is also long lasting. Not only does the impact lasts longer, but the effect does also not have a significant crash after the effect ends. Puffing can be paired with other food items to intensify the trip. 

Getting addicted to edible is a very different thing as a whole. Where puffing weed includes inhale and exhale process, edible include food consumption. Inedible cannabis extract is consumed through different variety of food. This can come in a form of tincture or oil. These oils or tinctures are either mixed in drinks or a couple of drops are put under the tongue to initiate the impact. 

Generally, the cannabis extract is mixed or added to food items. Foods like cookies, brownies, chewable, gummy, candies, and granola bars fall under the category. They are added to anything palatable so that the taste of weed does not overpower the tongue/taste.

Even cold drinks and beverages participate in the compilation. After 15 to 20 minutes of intake, the ripping effect begins. It depends upon one’s metabolism. If someone consumes that very food on an empty stomach, they get a more accelerated effect of the drug.

The tripping effect lingers for 4 to 6 hours. Edibles are have more of a peak and then crash effect of the weed. The process leads to a much severe impact of the weed which lasts about 2 -3 hours, depending on how much is consumed, and then a sudden crash after the impact ends. 

Now coming to oils, it is also known as a tropical way. It includes inhalation in smokeless form ( hash oil ). This whole process of oil consumption comes in oily stuff like cream, lotions, oil sprays, etc. This is great for someone who does not like smoking and is concerned about long term impact of smoke on lungs. 

They are also added in a few drops into the human pulse point. People also use it in room oil diffusers to create a mystic environment in their room. 

Smoking, even though has its negative impact on lungs, is rated to be the best of all. It gives better experience of the drug, has more long-lasting impact, and does not interfere with stomach and digestive system.

Oils are also a great option for people who do not like to smoke and are worried about the impact on the lungs. Edibles can be great too when taken in moderation and every once in a while, since they are much stronger and give a completely different trip compared to smoking. Overall, it comes down to personal preference.

If one has gotten into the habit of smoking nicotine, ofcourse moving to hemp is much safer and better. Whereas if you want a smoother and lighter hit, oils and tinctures are something you might like, Whereas Edibles are completely different and are related to once a while deep experience. 

The reasons are very specific- The smoking system comprises only heating or warming the herb leaves/flowers. The smoke gets emitted, and the person inhales it or puffs it. It goes directly into the lungs. After reaching the lungs, it reaches the bloodstream through respiration-circulation physiology.  

The overall effect stays for hardly 2 hours on an approx. On the contrary, edible cannabis and oil work in a pretty much different fashion. After consuming a palatable meal mixed with marijuana extract, it goes into the stomach.

The process of edibles is slow and starts with digestion into the liver. The impact is way more intense and stronger and may lead erratic behaviors, thus it is rated negatively by some of the users. 

Health benefits of smoking cannabis or weed 

When it comes to the health benefits of weed, there are some top stated benefits of cannabis. It is said to be a pain reliever without the side effects of nausea, liver damage, and long-lasting impact on the organs. It is a natural remedy that even if an individual depends on these means for the rest of their lives, it will not have a single bad impact.

Along with pain, it also helps alleviate stress. After along day at work or having a difficulty time with family, you need some peaceful alone time that helps you stay relaxed without the worry of health impact. Scientists have researched the health benefits of cannabis related to Parkinson’s Disease as well.

The study shows that tinctures and concentrated oils help stop the trembling and tremors in some cases. The herb has proved itself as a medicinal plant in different wellness fields. Being an antioxidant, it has a better effect on health by decreasing inflammation, stress, and many muscles related cramps and aches. 

Stress reliever: It might look or feel different, but it is a fact. Cannabis or marijuana can cure many mental health-related problems. It will be prevention or partial cure. The THC in weed herb does calm and provide relaxation to the mind. Great herb for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It also helps keep the ADD under control by providing a mind relaxing way to destress your day. 

Pain reliever: At times, it has proved some of its beneficiary roles as a painkiller. It is an excellent stimulant. It makes a person active and work-friendly. The weed has chemical components that help quiet the mind and numb that pain receptor.

It is much safer than most of the NSAID drugs like Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil). It does not have the side effects of liver damage and organ failure. It helps relieve headaches, muscle ache/cramp, limb pain (so backpain or leg pain).

It is also a great benefiter for people with Restless Leg Syndrome. This medical condition has a serious impact on a lot of Americans. It makes it hard for some people to fall asleep, to stay in one position, and to enjoy their time relaxing.

The Restless Leg Syndrome, is just as is name, the legs are difficult to control and there is a tingling sensation making it difficult to stay in one position. Whereas tinctures, oils, even topical balms and lotions help relieve some stress and helps you relax for a good night sleep. 


Being a stimulant, it can sometimes be great for rigor mortis and many nerve-related diseases or disorders. Trembling of limbs due to neuro problems is heard to be in control when inhaled weed.  

Best sleep aid: It is a multi-beneficiary drug. It is both a stimulant and sedative. It plays a dual role in controlling the sleep cycle. Also, being a good sedative relaxes the nerve and gives good cozy sleep.  

Focus: Smoking weed or cannabis can aid excellent mental focusing capacity. It improves the focus of a person, thereby aiding great concentration powers. It is at many times used as a meditative component. 

Why smoke from a glass bong? 

Among all the smoking devices, it is said that a glass water bong is the best. There are different devices for smoking weed.  One should experience a glass bong atleast once in their lifetime. Due to transparency, it is very much easy to clean. Also, it won’t be harmful because of glass material.

Glass bongs not only add a fancy touch to the experience, it also provides a nice wholesome smoke from the tube. The longer the neck of the bong, the smoother the smoke will be.

It will have a nice whole effect since the smoke is created with the burning of herb in the bowl and then the water provides a soothing effect to the throat. When the bubbles are created in the stem, the smoke is mixed of water vapor and the smoke.

If there is any buildup created or deposited on the sidelining of the glass bong tube, it can be cleaned. It can be decorated well with accessories as well. 

The ancient and best technique to ingest weed  

Eating weed can be very unhealthy. If no one wants to do so, there are some very age-old and ancient techniques to eat weed.

These can be the best or most efficient way to ingest cannabis. In the ancient world, the herb (flower and leaf of marijuana was used to cure many deadly and very infective diseases.  

From stomach-related problems to skin, weed paste was used as many drinks and beverages to cure body and internal soars. In India, during the festival of colors, this is used as a milk drink.

Holi is celebrated in India by drinking bhang or siddhi using weed herb paste mixing with a glass of milk. This makes it less harmful, thereby making it healthy rather.