how many types of bongs are there


A Bong is a smoking device with an attached filter in it. It is also called a water pipe. The device bong is generally used to smoke cannabis. The word ‘bong’ came from the Thai word “Baung”. ‘Baung’ means a wooden cylinder sliced from bamboo to smoke cannabis. The bongs have a filter to avoid smoke getting directly into the lungs.

A number of various bongs are available in the market. Bongs are made up of generally few materials. Five main elements are broadly used by bong manufacturers. They are metals, glasses, acrylic, ceramic, and silicon. One can find wooden and bamboo-made bongs. Sometimes plastic is used. Most people believe the glass water bongs to be the best of it’s kind available in the market.
How many types of Bong are there? 
There are a variety of bongs available in the market. Bongs differ in their shape, size, and even the material they are made of.

Let it be initially subdivided or categorized in and according to the materials they are made. Most of the bongs are made with toxin-free materials. They are non-toxic, waterproof, and fire-resistant.


It is believed that a glass bong is the highest purchased bong pipe. Glass water bongs are the most convenient of all bong pipes. Glass water bong is a versatile bong style and material somewhat on the steeper side. More so, they are easy to clean and easily accessorized. Glass bongs have been like the pinnacle of the cannabis world since 1970. A nice glass bong makes a person enjoy their smoke.
The ceramic bongs stand out in attractiveness and look. They are old schooled and fall under the medium price range. They provide a good smoking experience as they are less sensitive to temperature. They are opaque in appearance. This is the biggest demerit they possess
Metal bongs, on the other hand, are very much durable. Metal bongs are also very cost-efficient. One same old problem with metal bongs is their cleaning process. They are, too, very opaque. Metal bongs also impact the smoke taste. One cannot add accessories on metal bongs. They are not recommended. 
Plastic bongs are also widely used now because of their price point. The plastic bongs are very cheap and budget-friendly. One can carry them when he is traveling. They do not break very easily.
Bamboo slit bongs are traditionally fashioned bongs. There is a fanbase of this particular category of the bong. They are highly replaceable. They are very eco-friendly and biodegradable. One can recycle the bamboo slits and incorporate new styles. DIY experiments can be done. These bongs can be designed in one’s own creative will.

Bongs can also be categorized according to their shapes and sizes.

A bong has many physical features. Bongs are unique in shape, length, width, and breadth. Their varied appearance contributes to their individuality. Most bongs differ from one another in aspect of their bottom. The base of the bongs creates all standing out points. One can distinguish between two similar colored bongs in an aspect of their base shape. We are stating below some of the bong designs.
This very bong looks exactly like a beaker present in science labs. The top part looks like a test tube. The bottom part bulges into a sort of beaker-like structure. This is a very common glass water bong available in the market. This falls under the preference of a lot of people out there. Its convenience does so. The whole experience of smoking herbs here is comfortable, smooth, and decent. The whole credit goes to its stable base. 
Here comes a lookalike of the beaker base bong stated just above. It is simple but extremely reliable. They are straightforward in nature and function. Their bases are generally flat. The emphasis lies on the glass tube. The stoner will face no hurdle while smoking. The smoke here will glide upwards smoothly.
The whole construction is fashioned on the basis of a smooth smoking experience. High filtration is the main focus. The smoker will face no trouble with gas or choking effect. The whole cannabin smoke gets cooled down before entering the mouth. Therefore these bongs fall under the most comfortable category of smoking.
They are very similar to beaker-based bongs. They are extremely attractive nice glass bongs. 
They have a much wider base. The glass bong pipe here is a bit slender than the base. They have higher stability than the straight tube glass water bongs. 
These glass water bongs are designed in a complex fashion. The smoke gets transferred from one chamber to the other. It has got an extremely well functioned cooling down effect. 

The bubble creation is even more attractive. It falls under the steeper side of price and is not reachable to all. 
How to clean a bong? 

Owning a bong is amazing but you also invest some time to take care of it. An effort is needed for its maintenance. When you smoke cannabis, there is left with residue. The residue or the sediment on the walls of a bong is called buildup. Doctors claim to clean it religiously to avoid health issues. Smoking in a clogged or dirty bong can lead to lung disease.
One needs to make sure not to inhale molds from the glass water bong pipe. This can result in a threat to human health. Now that it is clear why we need to clean our glass water bong pipes, we need to know when and how to clean them. Most physicians claim to clean pipes very frequently or at least once a week after smoking. A mold can grow and multiply in 24 hours. Therefore one should include cleaning of glass bong pipe in their regime.
The basic cleaning: This is the first and foremost step to clean bongs. Before rushing into the whole cleaning process, people should soak their bongs into running water. To get rid of the outermost buildup, one can use some soap to rub through the bong pipe. Dismantle the bong parts and soak them in some warm water. You can add baking soda and lemon. Rubbing alcohol or vinegar will also do the same. Plug your fingers into the hole and rub it thoroughly. Rinse repeatedly. Keep in mind to wear gloves while doing the cleaning process.

  • Dismantle the bong parts 
  • Strain the old bong water
  • Transfer the bong parts into a zip-top bag
  • Add some amount of isopropyl alcohol inside the bag 
  • Add some baking soda or salt into the bag
  • Close the zip-top bag and shake gently 
  • Let it stay soaked for at least a good 30 minute
  • Take out the bong parts from the bag
  • Soak the bong into warm water 
  • Soak the bowl and the bong stem in alcohol to get quirky clean.

Conclusion: We have come across different types of bongs. One major thing is clear that bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes along with the material. The highly recommended bong is the beaker-based glass water bong. Basically, any type of glass bong will do. There are innumerable good reasons to find a nice glass water bong. Some of the promising reasons are stated. For even an aesthetic approach, glass water bongs are the best option to experiment with your art. There are numerous glass water bong accessories available in the market. One can make the finest art out of them. We must Keep every in mind that health and hygiene are also important. Clean your bong religiously. Keep it in a sunny place to avoid mold. Smoke, but be safe.