TipsyBong was established in 2019 with only one goal in mind, to provide better quality at lower prices. Our journey started from our garage to stock over 150 collections of bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, hand pipes and all kinds of unique accessories. We hand pick our materials all over the world and only ship the highest quality glass to add to our collection.

To ensure that our customers are satisfied, we test our hand pipes and bongs in labs to ensure that they are made with denser glass. Along with quality, we handpick our designs from all the world to provide you with the most unique and outstanding pieces for your collection to shine. With glass bongs of all sizes, animal, and fruit hand pipes, silicon pipes, portable mini bongs, pipes, and all small accessories for on-the-go person, we introduce new every Friday.

Why TipsyBong

The assurance of better quality and lower prices is a guarantee from our end. Our journey started when we were struggling with finding good items for our collection that were affordable and yet unique. There were shops with great quality and designs, but they would cold a fortune. Designs that were affordable were far too simple and made with cheap material it would stain or break within a couple uses. We thought that we couldn’t be alone in this struggle.

Thus, my partner and I make sure that we provide the best and newest designs in the market, all in all with better quality than others so that our customers keep coming back.

We have glass works in all ranges to provide for all types of enthusiasts and collectors. We make sure that we provide variety in price range as well as types of items we carry. In order to provide the best, we carry our own brand, TipsyBong collection.

These bongs are made with high quality glass from different parts of the world with the newest and best collection of designs. We make sure we cater to everyone’s choice, so we provide multiple colors of bongs and glass pipes in each design. Each glass and bong design and is uniquely chosen looking at latest trends and most popular items.

Our customers

We are a lucky and hardworking team that can proudly say that our customers love us. We have seen customers come back to us time after time. The only thing driving them back is, better quality at lower prices. Most, if not all, other companies provide either better quality OR lower prices. But not both. Which is what sets us apart from the competition.

We make sure that our bongs, glass pipes, hand pipes, dab rigs, silicon pipes, and all other accessories are TipsyBong standard approved. Our standards are high for all the right reasons and to make sure we provide the same quality every time you order from us. We are based in California, US so all of our within US orders ship within 2 days.

Customer Service

Since we are extremely proud of our quality and design, we can say without hesitation that you will love our products. However, for some reason if you believe that the order does not seem right to you, please give us a call at +1 323 716 9105 or write to us at and we will come to a solution together.

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