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For anyone out there who is confused and bombarded with tons of information about Bongs, this blog post is for you. It is a basic blueprint of what a bong is all about and why you should try it the next time you want to take a ‘trip’ (*wink wink*).

A bong is a piece of kit that comes from the word “baung” which is Thai for cylindrical wooden tube. As simple as it may sound, a bong can have two pieces of equipment, a wooden tube with a bowl, to maybe 6 pieces of puzzles that go together. We are here to help you understand the mechanics of the bong and answer your questions of “why bong”.

Typically, the bong consists of two openings. One opening is at the beginning of the tube for the mouth to inhale and the other one is for the bowl where the herbs are fumed. The bowl sits on top of the down stem which goes inside the second opening. The herb is placed into the bowl, usually on top of a plug of tobacco and set alight.

One places their mouth over the end of the tube and inhales, burning the herb as s/he does so. This pulls the smoke into the chamber of the bong, where it can be bubbled through water, ice or whatever else you can think of to cool down the smoke. Once the herb supply is exhausted or the chamber is full, the bowl is lifted away, allowing the user to inhale the smoke contained therein.

Why Bongs?

Bong is a very effective and easy tool to get a pure hit of smoke, very quickly. There is little to no maintenance and requires little maneuvering to work through it. Bongs provide a classy yet simple look to smoke with no downside of charging your vaporizers or carrying loose blunts. Since it still consists of smoking direct herb, the effect is quick and long lasting.

The cooling effect by adding water to the bong, can provide a more flavorsome and instant effect to the body. Since you are smoking the herb, the active ingredient from the herb get into your blood stream quicker and give a long lasting effect.

The experience of smoking with a bong is hard to beat since it’s the original way of smoking that gives you the best bang for your buck.

There are many different types of bongs, ranging from glass to silicon to ceramics.

We will delve into the different types and which might be your best fit in this article “Which bong type are you”.

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